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Prague Old Town Audio Tour App

With its lush Art Nouveau style, Prague looks like it was taken out of a fairy tale, discover the most beautiful sights of the Old Town with this audio tour at your own pace!
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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and its Old Town is a tourist hotspot for all ages, this audio guide app can walk you through the adventure!

We have a selection of the most important and interesting sights and venues in the area of Prague Old Town for you to explore, the attractions are suitable for all ages and families. 

You will explore the two of the Jewish quarters of the Old Town. Located on the right bank of the Vltava River, these quarters are home to some of the most famous buildings in the country. Prague was home to many artists, writers and poets, and our audio tour will take you to the sites, and to the Jewish communities that lived here - memories will be made!

Prague is a small city and easy to explore on foot, but we hope you will bring comfortable shoes so you are well equipped.

In the Jewish Quarter you will see the parts of the city with synagogues and cemeteries. In addition, the oldest Jewish communities in Europe are located here. You will also discover the legend of the Golem and visit the place that is at the center of the story.

The city is full of examples of Art Nouveau and this will be evident as you stroll down Parizska Street. In honor of Art Nouveau, we will take you to a museum dedicated to the famous artist Alphonse Mucha.

We'll visit the world's most famous astrological clock and admire cathedrals, theaters and a library that look as if they were taken straight from a fairy tale. In between all the sightseeing, don't miss the opportunity to eat a chimney cake or have a drink in a glass made of ice at the Ice Pub.

If you want to spend more time at an attraction or grab a bite to eat at a cafe during our tour, simply stop our audio guide and then pick up where you left off on the audio tour.

With this audio app we will guide and accompany you through Prague Old Town!

The audio walking tour is 3 1/2 miles and takes about two hours on foot.

However, since you will probably visit some of the attractions from the inside and want to sample some of Prague’s delicious food during a break, the tour will of course take longer.

You can spend more time at an attraction or stop at a cafe during the audio tour, then simply pause your audio guide and then pick up where you left off.

Simply download the audio app for free and plan your Prague trip in advance. Find out about the attractions, and take advantage of the app's benefits, such as discounted online tickets to save time on the spot!

Route of the self-guided audio tour to the most beautiful sights of Prague's Old Town!

The audio app guides you through twenty stations of Prague's Old Town and its highlights, and between the stations you get tips that only locals know.

We also have discounted tickets and fast track lane passes available for many of the sites we have included for you. For these reduced prices, please check at the end of the text in your app as there will be a link included if available. Also, remember to check ahead of time on the attraction’s website for guided English tours if you desire to join one. Please enjoy our tour and your experience in the historic Prague!

Audio tour route and brief info:

  1. Jewish Quarter - A historic Jewish neighborhood
    The tour begins today in the Jewish Quarter, a neighborhood with roots that begin in the 13th cent. Century. Here there are six impressive synagogues, as well as one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the world..
  2. Spanish Synagogue - Recently built and inspired by the Spanish palace Alhambra
    The Spanish Synagogue was inaugurated in 1868 and the interior was completed in 1893, making it the youngest synagogue in the Jewish Quarter. The architecture was inspired to mimic a Moorish design, with a large central dome and stunning stained glass windows.
  3. Old New Synagogue - The oldest synagogue in Central Europe
    . Built in the 13th century, it was designed in the early Gothic style with characteristic features such as the beautiful stonework, wrought-iron fixtures and antique interior decoration. To this day, it is the main synagogue of the Jewish community in Prague and has been designated a national cultural monument.
  4. Old Jewish Cemetery - A 500-year-old cemetery with thousands of stacked graves
    Historians believe that the area was first used as a cemetery in the early 15th century, after a tombstone with the date 1439 was found here. While thousands of bodies were buried here, the site eventually became unable to meet the needs of the Jewish community.
  5. Parizska Street - A trendy area for upscale shopping
    Admire the magnificent townhouses decorated in Art Nouveau style. Along this street you will find endless opportunities for shopping if you are in the market for the most exclusive international names in fashion and brands. However, in 1926 it received its new name, as it recalls the boulevards that run through Paris, especially the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
  6. St. Nicholas Church - A famous Baroque cathedral
    It was built in the 17th century by the Jesuits and is the most famous Baroque church in Prague. However, the beautiful building that stands here today is not the original structure. The church has undergone many changes over the centuries.
  7. Old Town Square - the center of the historic old town
    Dating back to the 12th century, this square has a rich political history and has been a popular meeting place for locals and foreigners over the centuries.
    If you look around the square, you will see the two Gothic towers belonging to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Tyn, which has been the dominant church of the Old Town since the 14th century.
  8. Old Town Hall and Clock - Political and cultural-historical building and the oldest astronomical clock in the world
    Prague Old Town Hall was built in 1338 and served as the seat of the Old Town administration. In 1784, when the four districts united, the Town Hall became the official administration of the entire area..
  9. Church of Our Lady Before Tyn - A twin-towered Gothic church and dominant architectural structure in Prague.
    The Twin Towers, which stand 262 feet tall and can be seen from most points in Prague as they tower well above the height of the other structures. It is rumored that this castle has inspired many fairy tales and even some of the castles in Walt Disney's films.
  10. Prague Municipal House- Political, Cultural and Historical Art Nouveau Building
    A fine example of Art Nouveau craftsmanship and design, it is thoroughly remarkable and a feast for the eyes.
    The Municipal House was built in the early 20th century, between 1905 and 1911. On the same site was the royal court palace, before it was abandoned in 1485 and demolished four centuries later.
  11. Pulse Tower - Monumental Gothic tower and entrance gate.
    Built under the command of the Roman Emperor Charles IV and completed in 1475, it was a replacement for the Mountain Gate, a structure dating back to the 1st century.
    If you go to the top of the tower, you will find a fantastic viewpoint of the city at a height of 144 feet. To reach the top, you must first climb the spiral staircase of 186 stone steps.
  12. Havelska Market - The oldest street market in Prague
    The street has taken on various nicknames over the centuries. In the 15th century it was called Tandlmark, referring to the second-hand goods that could be found here. In the 18th century, part of the street was called Kohlenmarkt, and another was known as Grüner Markt. This area is a dream for photographers or travelers.
  13. Mucha Museum - A museum dedicated to the Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha
    This museum is dedicated to the extensive body of work that the Czech artist created during his lifetime. When you enter the museum, located in Kaunice Castle, you will get a detailed insight into the life of Mucha, who lived between 1860 and 1939.
  14. Wenceslas Square - Great historic boulevard, great for entertainment and shopping
    Originally the city's horse market, it now stretches 2,400 feet long through the heart of the modern part of the city and is the start of the business district. It is a vibrant boulevard lined with cafes, shopping, boutiques, bars, restaurants, hotels and apartments.
  15. National Museum - The largest museum with a wide range of exhibits.
    It is the largest museum in the country and the collections include artifacts from both the social and natural sciences.
    Built between 1818 and 1891, it is the oldest and largest of all museums, a symbol of Czech national revival.
  16. National Theatre - A cultural center for ballet, drama and opera.
    The National Theater is a cultural national treasure, which came to the city in 1883. The architecture of the theater belongs to the Neo-Renaissance movement and is crowned by a shimmering and eye-catching golden roof.
  17. Ice Pub Prague - A complete ice bar, part of Europe's largest music club.
    In the Ice Pub, temperatures are constantly kept below freezing and everything is made of ice. And we really mean everything! Your table, the chairs, the bar, the cups, even the walls, everything is made of ice! The Ice Pub is located in Europe's largest music club.
  18. Clementinum Library - A Baroque library with stunning decoration
    It was opened in 1722 as the library of a Jesuit university in the Clementinum. If you decide to enter it, look for the books with red and white painted spines. These marked books are original pieces from the time the Jesuits opened the library.
  19. Good Food Coffee and Bakery - A coffee shop; popular for its chimney cakes
    Czechs have enjoyed chimney cake for 100 years, and now you can enjoy original recipes and brand new variations on the treat. Good Food offers an assortment of cones that come in both savory and sweet flavors. The sweet cones are rolled in sugar and spices, dipped in chocolate and nuts, filled with creams and gelatin, and then topped with caramel sauce, cookie sprinkles or fresh fruit.
  20. Karlsbrücke - UNESCO World Heritage Site and iconic building
    Built in 1357, but completed in the early 15th century, it was for many years the only bridge connecting the two sides of the city.
    It is nearly 1,700 feet long, has sixteen arches, and is adorned with 17th-century statues, each depicting a figure from the city's religious and political history.

The audio guide app also includes:

  • Offline city map on your smartphone for the Oldtown of Prague.
  • Sort the map by interest:
    Top Highlights, Museums, Bad Weather Activities, Romantic Places, Hits for Kids, Cathedrals, Parks, Streets and Avenues
  • Buy discounted fast admission tickets conveniently through the app, no waiting in long museum queues
  • Additionally free city maps and tips for many places in Europe and the world
  • Many benefits & discounts for your audio tour
  • GPS supported audio tour app, so you always know where you are!

Note: If you don't have space on your smartphone, you can also use the audio tour in your internet browser with the same benefits!

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  • Offline GPS MAP function
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