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Berlin Divided City

Discover original sites of that time, remains of the Wall, former border crossings and roam along the infamous death strip.
on foot 3 h
15 stations
14,8 km
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With this audio guide we will take you to the most important sights of “Divided Berlin”.

Today, Berlin is considered the "Capital of Freedom", but in order to achieve this freedom, the German capital and its inhabitants had to overcome unimaginable suffering. The Iron Curtain marks the era that followed the Second World War up until the revolutions in 1989. It was the dividing line between the market-oriented democratic states in the west and the planned-economic, real socialist dictatorships in the east. It was erected in the heart of Berlin in August 1961, and led to the division of the city and the imprisonment of an entire population.  For twenty-eight years, the Berlin Wall divided the city into East and West. It tore apart families and friends, and brought great misery to hundreds of thousands of people. But on November 9, 1989, the time had finally come: after a peaceful revolution, the inhumane Wall fell and Berlin became whole again!

Today, Berlin is still strongly marked by this monument of terror and its aftermath. As the scene of the Cold War and the former "capital of the GDR", many testimonies of that era are still present throughout the city. Even if only a few places today still bear witness to the former course of the border, visitors can still come across isolated segments of the wall in the city.

Our self-guided audio tour takes you to the most important original sites during that period. Discover remnants of the Wall such as the East Side Gallery or the Berlin Wall Memorial. See former border crossings such as Checkpoint Charlie and roam along the infamous death strip, where many GDR citizens died during escape attempts. To give you a lasting insight into the tragic fate of the people and life in the GDR, we will also visit the GDR Museum, the Palace of Tears and the German Spy Museum. On your way we will accompany you with exciting information that will shed light on the history of the construction of the Wall.

Join us now on an exciting search for clues through the German capital and discover the once divided Berlin on a moving and insightful tour. 

As we take you along to the most important sites, we will also pass some places whose admission is not free of charge. It is best to listen to the informative audio commentary beforehand and decide for yourself whether a stroll from the outside will satisfy your curiosity or whether you would like to take a closer peek inside.

Does all of this make you curious? Well then, let’s go! Or as the Berliner would say: "Ran an de Buletten!"

The pure walking time of the nearly 9-mile (15km) Berlin Tour route is three hours.

However, since you will probably visit some of the museums from the inside or want to sample some of Berlin’s delicious food during a break, the tour will of course take longer.  

Therefore, if you want to see the sights without feeling pressed for time, you should take a whole day for the tour. Of course, you can skip any station you want, if you think you don't have time or feel like it.

On this Berlin tour you are the boss and are not dependent on any tour group, you determine the duration and pace yourself! You are flexible in terms of time, you start, finish or take a coffee break wherever and whenever you want!

Route of the Self-Guided Berlin Tour with this app!

Our self-guided tour, consisting of 15 locations, takes you to the most important museums, testimonials and original sites of the former "capital of the GDR". With the help of our map, you will always know where you are.

We also have discounted tickets and with fast entry for many of the sights we have selected for you. For the discounted prices, please see the end of the text of each station in the app if available a link is included. If you would like to attend one, remember to check in advance on the sights website for tours in the language you would like.

Of course, it is entirely up to you to skip this or that stop if you feel you don't have the time or even don't feel like it. As already said, you are the boss and determine the duration and pace yourself!

Our offline map will always show you where you are!

Audio tour route and brief info of the Berlin Tour:

  1. East Side Gallery - Longest continuous section of the Berlin Wall that still exists
  2. The Wall Museum + The history of the Berlin Wall  - Museum in the former Mühlenspeicher watchtower with a multimedia exhibition on the history of the Berlin Wall
    Info Audio: The Berlin Wall
    • The Berlin Wall was erected by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) on August 13, 1961 and for more than twenty-eight years sealed off East Berlin and the surrounding area of Berlin. The Wall was built due to the fact that between 1945 and its construction, a total of around 3.5 million people fled the Soviet occupation zone, later the GDR, and East Berlin to the West. This emigration threatened the economic power of the GDR and ultimately the existence of the state. The 103-miles-long (167.8 kilometers) and approximately 12-feet-high (3.8 meters) Berlin Wall, officially called the "anti-fascist protective wall" by the GDR....

  3. The GDR Museum  (DDR Museum) - One of the most visited museums in Berlin with an interactive exhibition on life in the GDR
  4. Palace of Tears (Träenpalast) - Former border crossing point for people leaving the GDR for West Berlin
  5. Checkpoint Charlie - The most famous border crossing in divided Berlin as well as a symbol of the Cold War & scene of spectacular escape attempts
  6. Wall Museum - House at Checkpoint Charlie (Mauerermuseum) - Museum on the history of the Berlin Wall & the division of Germany with escape props from GDR citizens
  7. The Wall - Yadegar Asisi Panorama Berlin - Monumental 360-degree panorama of the Berlin Wall with a view from Kreuzberg towards Mitte in the 1980s
  8. Niederkirchnerstraße - Original Section of the Berlin Wall
  9. GDR watchtower in the Erna-Berger-Straße - View from the last remaining GDR watchtower of its kind
  10. Wall remains at Potsdamer Platz/Leipziger Platz - Original segments of the Berlin Wall in the middle of the lively entertainment district with typical Berlin flair
  11. German Spy Museum - Museum in the middle of the former death strip, which offers an interactive insight into the world of espionage in Berlin!
  12. Brandenburg Gate - Historic Landmark of Unity
  13. Memorial Günter Liftin - Former watchtower & memorial in honor of Günter Liftin, one of the first to die on the Berlin Wall
  14. Berlin Wall Memorial, Documentation and Visitor Center - Bernauer Strasse - Former border strip. Today: Central memorial to the division of Germany with an original piece of the Berlin Wall
  15. Mauerpark  -Public park on the former death strip with remains of the Hinterland security Wall. Known today for its large flea market and open-air karaoke

Bounus audio to the Berlin Tour:

  • Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial - Former Stasi prison. Today a memorial with a permanent exhibition on the history of the place
  • Extra tip for cyclists: Berlin Wall Trail  - Path that marks the course of the former GDR border systems to West Berlin
  • Construction of the border fortifications

The Berlin tour audio guide app also includes:

  • Offline city map on your smartphone for the Berlin Tour.
  • Sort the map by interest:
    Top Highlights, Museums, Bad Weather Activities, Romantic Places, Hits for Kids, Cathedrals, Parks, Streets and Avenues
  • Buy discounted fast admission tickets conveniently through the app, no waiting in long museum queues
  • Additionally free city maps and tips for many places in Europe and the world
  • Many benefits & discounts for your audio tour
  • GPS supported audio tour app, so you always know where you are!

Note: If you don't have space on your smartphone, you can also use the Rome audio tour in your internet browser with the same benefits!

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