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Best of Berlin

The most important sights of the German Capital

Enjoy an exciting journey through Berlin's history and discover the city's landmarks at your own pace

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With this audio guide we will take you to the most important sights of Berlin, a fascinating city with countless attractions and highlights!

Whether you are interested in unique world heritage sites, historical locations, idyllic lakes and parks, legendary nightlife, shopping or gastronomy, Berlin has something for everyone!

Even though the German capital was founded in the 13th century and is relatively young compared to other metropolises, the city has a moving history that has been subject to profound changes.

As the residential city of the electors, Prussian kings and German emperors, Berlin experienced glorious times during the 500 years of Hohenzollern rule. However, when Adolf Hitler came to power in January 1933, Berlin became the capital of the "Third Reich".

This is how the darkest chapter in its history began.The following four decades when the city was occupied and divided are also characterized by dark periods. The city, which was divided into the capital of the GDR and West Berlin, did not regain its eagerly awaited freedom and unity until 1989, when the Wall came down, which had divided the city into East and West for 28 years.

Today, Berlin is the country's largest city with 3.7 million inhabitants and is one of the most attractive and livable cities in the world. In addition to Berlin's qualities of cosmopolitanism, tolerance and individuality, the vibrant metropolis today stands above all for freedom. Berlin's attitude towards life and the unique testimonies of its eventful past make the city one of the most popular destinations worldwide!

Immerse yourself now with us in the different eras of the city and discover the ultimate highlights, which you shouldn't miss on your Berlin trip! Marvel at well-known landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower and the Reichstag building, and also memorial sites such as the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall Memorial. Discover original historical locations like Checkpoint Charlie, the Topography of Terror, Bebelplatz and many other places.

On the way to the most significant, centrally located major sights, we will provide you with informative commentaries on the city's history and its origins. Your culinary cravings are also taken into consideration; we have built-in stops where you can taste typical dishes of the delicious Berlin cuisine while taking a breather before moving on to the next attraction. Almost all of the sites can be easily reached by foot. Most places are free of charge, but you will also encounter some attractions that have an entrance fee. It is best to listen to the informative audio commentary beforehand and decide for yourself whether a visit from outside will satisfy your curiosity or whether you would like to take a closer look inside.


To give you the most complete picture of this fascinating city, we have included bonus material from other remote areas at the end of the tour.

Does all of this make you curious? Well then, let’s go! Or as the Berliner would say: "Ran an de Buletten!"

Look forward to a five-mile audio tour of Berlin, where you will visit all the important sights, the pure walking time is two hours and 10 minutes.

However, since you will surely want to visit one or the other museum, go to the observation deck of the Berlin TV Tower, and taste delicious Berlin specialties during a break, the tour will of course take correspondingly longer.

In a nutshell, if you want to see the sights without time pressure and do all the activities quite comfortably, you should just take a whole day for the tour.

On this tour you are the boss and are not dependent on any tour group, you determine the duration and pace yourself! You are flexible in terms of time, you start, finish or take a coffee break wherever and whenever you want!

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Route of the Self-Guided Audio Tour to explore Berlin!

In this self-guided audio guide app you will explore Berlin's most important sights at 16 stops and more bonus stories of what the German capital has to offer and listen to exciting information in our audio guide on your smartphone. 

We also have discounted tickets and with fast track admission for many of the sights we have selected for you. For the discounted prices, please see the end of the text of each stop in the app if available a link is included. If you would like to attend one, remember to check in advance on the sights website for tours in the language you would like.

Of course, it is entirely up to you to skip this or that stop if you feel you don't have the time or even don't feel like it. As already said, you are the boss and determine the duration and pace yourself!

Our offline map will always show you where you are!

Audio tour route and brief info:

  1. The Berlin Wall Memorial, Documentation and Visitor - Former border strip. Today: Central memorial to the division of Germany with an original piece of the Berlin Wall
  2. Palace of Tears (Tränenpalast) - Former border crossing point for people leaving the GDR for West Berlin
  3. The Reichstag building (Reichstagsgebäude) - Seat of the German parliament, mirror of German history and one of Germany's most important landmarks
  4. Brandenburg Gate & Pariser Platz - Historic Landmark of Unity on Pariser Platz, the representative entrance area of the city center and one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin
  5. Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe - Memorial honoring the up to 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust
  6. Potsdamer Platz - Popular entertainment district with the typical Berlin flair, cultural offers, architecture and an eventful past
  7. The Topography of Terror - Former command center of Nazi terror including the Gestapo headquarters and the SS central command. Today the most visited museum in Berlin
  8. Checkpoint Charlie - The most famous border crossing in divided Berlin as well as a symbol of the Cold War & scene of spectacular escape attempts
  9. A stopover for those who feel hungry - Try a delicious Currywurst!
  10. Gendarmenmarkt - One of the most beautiful squares in Berlin with magnificent sights
  11. Bebelplatz - Historic square with many magnificent buildings and an eventful history (site of the infamous Nazi book burning in 1933)
  12. The Berlin Cathedral - Berlin landmark, Cathedral Church of Berlin & the most important dynastic burial site in Germany (Hohenzollern Crypt)
  13. Museum Island - Largest museum ensemble in the world & UNESCO World Heritage Site
  14. The Nikolai Quarter - Charming and oldest residential area of Berlin
  15. The Berlin Television Tower - Berlin landmark & symbol for the reunified Germany
  16. Alexanderplatz - Largest square in Germany with a number of attractions & an important traffic junction


If you have time, you can visit two other sights we added for you. They are easily accessible by public transport or cab.

  • East Side Gallery - Longest continuous section of the Berlin Wall that still exists.
  • Sachsenhausen Memorial - Once the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Today a memorial to one of the largest concentration camps of the Third Reich.
  • Sanssouci Palace - Fairytale Palace Complex & UNESCO World Heritage Site

The audio guide app also includes:

  • Offline city map on your smartphone for Berlin.
  • Sort the map by interest:
    Top Highlights, Museums, Bad Weather Activities, Romantic Places, Hits for Kids, Cathedrals, Parks, Streets and Avenues
  • Buy discounted fast admission tickets conveniently through the app, no waiting in long museum queues
  • Additionally free city maps and tips for many places in Europe and the world
  • Many benefits & discounts for your audio tour
  • GPS supported audio tour app, so you always know where you are!

Note: If you don't have space on your smartphone, you can also use the audio tour in your internet browser with the same benefits!

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Alles sehr gut funktioniert. Berlin mit dieser Audio Tour zu entecken war lehrreich und spanned. Das beste war aber das wir uns die Zeit selber einteilen konnten.


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