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The Ancient Agora of Athens - The Center of Athenian Life

Explore the most important sights of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ancient Acropolis of Athens. A fascinating journey through ancient Greece begins...
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Athenians are known as the first to lay aside their weapons, and the first to adopt an easier mode of life. These two behaviors subsequently laid the foundation for the proliferation of thought, art and culture. These new cultural behaviors were cultivated throughout the city, but the main gathering place and center for sharing was in the Agora.

On this tour we will generally be focusing on Athens in the 5th century BC, which was known as its Golden Age. At this time, the Agora truly flourished, with new structures built and more modern functions continuously added. It was like a living organism, reflective of the changing times. 

The Agora was the place where people frequently stopped to talk about the affairs of the city, to discuss current political matters with one another. Not only that, it was also a commercial space, where people came to do their shopping as well as sell their goods.

My name is Elias and I will be your guide on this tour. I am a resident of Athens and I was drawn to the city for my degree in philosophy and art. On this tour, I will guide you through the Agora where you will witness ancient Athens’ glory and genius.

First, we make our way to the Panathenaic Way, which will lead us to the Altar of the Twelve Gods, the Statue of Hadrian, the Temple of Hephaestus, Tholos, Bouleuterion, Metroon, the Late Roman Fortification Wall, the Church of the Holy Apostles and the Odeon of Agrippa. I will end the tour by talking about the most famous of the structures of the Agora, the Stoa of Attalos, which currently houses the Agora Museum.

If you follow the route I recommend by listening to the stories, the tour will take approximately two hours. If you're ready, let's get going on our journey through ancient Athens. 

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