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Best of Rome - Experience the Best of Italy's Capital

Experience an audio adventure of 3,000 years of history through this truly magical city with history and art at every turn!
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Rome, a city rich with almost 3,000 years of history is a tourist’s dream come true. Of the many places to go and sights to see, we have selected a collection of the 18 most important and interesting landmarks and venues for you to explore.

With this audio guide we will lead you on an adventure through Rome and show you what a truly magical city it is, filled with history and art at every corner you turn. Every statue, every building and every piazza has a story to tell. There is no denying that this city has cultivated some of the world's greatest minds and has been home to some of the greatest rulers in history.

While Rome has been a city for twenty five centuries, it was not until 1870 that it became part of Italy, assuming the role as the capital. But our tour starts much farther back in time than 1870. We begin at the Colosseum and explore what ancient Rome was like under famed rulers such as Julius Caesar, Augustus and Constantine. The statues and memorials to the Roman emperors prove how they were often treated as gods on earth.

We explore how the Roman Empire grew to be the farthest reaching empire the world has known. We explore how politics and government were formed that would go on to inspire countless countries. Remains of Ancient Rome are truly everywhere in the city, but it also rose to be a center of power during the Renaissance as well as became the home of Vatican City. There is so much to explore today, we hope you're ready!

Today's tour highlights the best and most popular tourist destinations in the city, starting with the world famous Colosseum. We lead you through the ancient ruins of the Forums and up and down the hills upon which the most important neighborhoods of the Ancient Empire were built. Our tour will guide you to the magnificent Trevi Fountain and to the Spanish Steps and continue on to the Castel Sant’Angelo and then wind down to the Vatican City, standing before the stunning St. Peter’s Basilica. Finally, we will end our tour at one of the most famous touristic sites in the world, the Sistine Chapel. Also, with the help of our map, you will always know where you are.

On our tour, we will explore many different attractions and museums, some of which are free of cost and others that require admission. During our tour, if you are interested in spending more time at one attraction or popping into a charming cafe for a bite to eat, just stop our audio guide and continue afterwards, picking up where you left off. We are here to guide and assist you in the city whenever you need us.

We also have discounted tickets and fast track lane passes available for many of the sites we have included for you. For these reduced prices, please check at the end of the text as there will be a link included if available. Also, remember to check ahead of time on the attractions website for guided English tours if you desire to join one.

If you want to see the sights without feeling pressed for time, you should take a whole day for the tour. Of course, it is entirely up to you to skip any station if you think that you don’t have time. On this tour you are the boss and you determine the duration and pace yourself!

Please enjoy our tour and your experience in historic Rome!

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