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Amsterdam - The Dutch Resistance & Amsterdam’s Jewish Heritage Tour

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With this audio guide we’ll take you to the most important sites of the Dutch Resistance and Jewish Heritage in Amsterdam. With the help of our map, you’ll always know where you are.

Since you’ll certainly want to take a closer look at some of the sights without any time pressure, you should take full day for the tour.

Of course, it's entirely up to you to skip any of the points if you don't have the time or inclination to see a certain point. On this tour you’re the boss and determine the duration, so you can pace yourself!

Your tour to discover Amsterdam’s Jewish Heritage begins in a historic neighborhood east of the metropolis that has been home to different Jewish populations since the 1400s when Jewish people were expelled from Spain and Portugal and then joined by Jewish populations in the 1600s from Central and Eastern Europe.

In 1597 all residents of the Dutch Republic were given religious freedom. This was the first time a European country had ever established the freedom of religion in the law. So Jewish people were allowed to build their own synagogues. On November 8, 1616, Jewish people were made legal citizens by the City of Amsterdam.

On your tour to discover traces of the Dutch Resistance to Nazi forces and Jewish Heritage with sights like the first synagogue in Amsterdam, Great Synagogue, now the Jewish Historical Museum, and the Portuguese Synagogue, opened in 1671 and 1675, respectively. You’ll also discover Westerkerk and Noorderkerk, two churches that have connections to the Dutch Resistance and Amsterdam’s Jewish Heritage.

The Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank and her family spent over two years in hiding is also part of your journey of discovery. As you stroll down this road of remembrance you will also see The National Monument and learn about its intricate symbolism, as well as the Dockworker Statue, and the Dutch Resistance Museum.

You’ll admire diamonds and Jewish craftsmanship at Gassan Diamonds, and explore one of the largest department stores, De Bijenkorf, originally Jewish owned that remained opened throughout World War II. Along the way, you can try Dutch food and snacks, such as Dutch herring.

As we take you along to the most important sites, you will also pass some places whose admission is not free of charge. It’s best to listen to the informative audio commentary beforehand and decide for yourself whether a stroll from the outside will satisfy your curiosity or whether you’d like to take a closer peek inside.

Enjoy your tour!


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