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Planning your own audio guide?
The requirement of hardware, software and programming is on your way?
YourMobileGuide puts your guide online in 4 easy steps.



With Your Mobile Guide you create apps for:

 Walking tours
Museum tours including ticket
Food- and Art tours
 As well other tours on foot, by bike or car.

You take care of your tour ideas and content!

YourMobileGuide takes care of the rest.
Just contact us and we talk about your ideas and plan your app.


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Why create an audio guide?

Crowded tours, where your visitors run after the tour guide, and try desperately to read his lips in a noisy
environment to get at least some information, are a thing of the past.

Digitization has not stopped at travel. Audio guides have long been the standard method of providing information
in museums with millions of visitors. The audio guide with its own hardware automatically appears with the ticket.

YourMobileGuide is the system for audioguides without the need to buy your own hardware and without programming.

This allows you to address guests directly on the app, on the smartphone or as a progressive web app directly in the visitor's browser.

This will allow your guests in future to explore at their own tempo.

The easy-to-use audio guide that works offline and requires no additional technical equipment.
For tour guides, they are an advertising space with a preview of your live or private tour. 


You need
Ideas, joy in writing, fun in storytelling, interesting experiences, places worth seeing
and pleasure in communicating.


We give
know-how, the platform, maintenance, design, marketing, useful tutorials and
even professional audio recording rental equipment

We guarantee 

Audio Guide System How to Create Audio Guide


Why YourMobileGuide?

We believe that storytelling should be free, easy and quick to use for everyone.

YourMobileGuide is an open platform with no obligation to own hardware,
own software and own programmers.

We digitize the know-how of travel experts, you just take care of the content.  

So there is no need to worry about maintenance, the risk of programming
your own software and the cost of buying your own Audio Guide hardware.

The system works on visitors' mobile devices, either as an app or in the browser
without forcing them to download it.

We have digitized hundreds of audio guides and know what listeners want.
And we will share this know-how with our authors.







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